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So what’s the difference between refacing cabinets, and refinishing?

Cabinet refacing is an increasingly popular consideration for homeowners, it is not uncommon for homeowners to want to salvage their existing kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Cabinet Refacing by definition means “to renew, to restore, to repair the face or surface of your cabinets”, so nothing is done to any part of the cabinets except the face and sides of the existing cabinet boxes. The inside is not altered, including the inside portion of the face frame, or the top or undersides of the cabinets. Refacing cabinets is a process in which the existing cabinet doors, hinges, drawer fronts, all moldings and trim are removed, and then the cabinet framework is sanded and prepared to be resurfaced with laminate or real wood veneer material in your choice of specie and stain or solid tone color. The existing cabinet boxes are kept, but all the cabinet doors, hinges, and drawers fronts are replaced. It is also possible to replace all of the old drawer boxes and hardware with new soft close glides.

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