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Go Green with Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing is an Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling solution.

Refaced Kitchen

If you’re looking for ways to go green with your home renovation project, cabinet refacing (recycling your old cabinets) is an easy way to cut back on waste and environmental damage. Cabinet Refacing is more cost-effective, straight-forward, and time-efficient, now you can add eco-friendly to that list. We throw away hundreds of tons of stuff away each year and chop down a couple billion trees along with that.

Unless major layout changes are going to be made with your kitchen cabinets, refacing makes both ecological and economic sense. New cabinet boxes can be installed where needed, using the same custom-made doors being put on the refaced cabinets.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, please Consider this:

1. Most new cabinets these days are made of a heavy compressed mixture of chipped wood and chemicals, and honestly, they don’t compare to most older the cabinets you already have in your home.

2. The manufacturers of the new cabinets contribute to environmental pollution, and the waste is dumped in our landfills.

3. New cabinets, and the raw materials of which they are made, involve transporting the new cabinets several times, typically over long distances, utilizing Diesel fuel.

By recycling the major components of your existing kitchen through cabinet refacing, you will contribute to the growing movement towards environmentally responsible building and remodeling practices.

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